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Our Mission

In the world of living with serious disease there is an isolation and a loneliness that may seep in. Recovery is often long and the treatments are often difficult. Watching the world go by on its way, laughing, enjoying, and happily looking forward can leave one immersed in illness with a sense of no-involvement, disengagement, and separation.

To Show We Care is  dedicated to bringing a little light to that darkness; to sharing the enjoyment of a carefree evening with friends, food, and theatre.

Working closely with venues such as the North Shore Music Theatre, we offer an break from treatments and doctor appointments to patients and caregivers by inviting them to a Free "Night on the Town". We take care of everything.

All that our guests have to do is show up, relax, and bask in the magic of the stage, the joys of the music, and the pleasures of dining in a relaxed atmosphere designed just for them.

"HOPE is one of the most valuable things in the world and can come in many forms . . . A SMILE is a sign of hopes’s Success."

This simple idea inspires us and we know our programs, our staff of volunteers, and our loyal sponsors all create smiles where sadness seems to rule so relentlessly.


Everyone knows a great smile can light up a room . . .
. . . We know smiles can light up the world.

Our Journey

“I have had the pleasure to meet Stephen and his volunteers and I was awe struck. I can not put into words the work and dedication this man and his organization go through to help people who find them selves in a hard situation.

He gives joy to those who suffer and he makes us feel the love and joy to go on and face our challenges . Being together in a group help us to realize we are not alone .

One can not put into words the work and dedication that Stephen and his volunteers put into this organization to make this happen. He truly Has made a difference in my life.”


“I have been going to the MGH for treatment of my cancer and it was there I first noticed the flyers about To Show We Care and the offer to attend A Christmas Carol free of charge.

My wife and I needed a break from all the cancer appointments and Chemotherapy, so I called. My wife and I did attend the event and met others going through cancer treatments with their families by their side.

I cannot tell you how good I felt that people and donors made this all possible. Cancer is terrible, but the kindness and generous donors made this night special for us.

Thank you To Show We Care and all the volunteers and donors for making this possible.”

Our Partners

  • Boston North Cancer Association
    Boston North Cancer Association
  • The Gables at Winchester

    The Gables at Winchester’s philosophy of care is ensuring quality of life for our seniors and others each and every day. One of our Five Star Values is: “We Put people First”.

    As a community, we practice our values each and every day, by building and growing relationships with residents and family members as we strive to be our best.

    Becoming more involved with “ To Show We Care” is helping us touch more families beyond our community and creating special memorable moments because so many of our lives have been touched by illness. Learn more

  • In The Game
    In The Game